After years of ads and interfaces that talk at users, the brands that best empower customers and maximize the benefits of interactive voice experiences will be those that learn to listen.

Instreamatic presents a first-of-its-kind comprehensive conversational marketing research — The State of Voice Advertising!

The State of Voice Advertising is an in-depth look at voice technology in the marketing and advertising industry. The research uncovers effective applications of voice technology and specifically Voice Advertising as well as key value propositions and challenges facing this medium.

Voice interaction with devices is everywhere — and it’s way beyond asking for the news and weather. How can brands use voice technologies to enhance their relationships with consumers at all stages of the purchase funnel?

All the answers and beyond can be found in the State of Voice for Brands 2021 report prepared by IAB.

Read the report here!

⚡️🎙 Exclusive episode of Ads Talk Podcast with Dr.Robert Cialdini, the author the author of bestsellers “Influence” and “Pre-Suasion” and globally-acclaimed foundational expert in the science of influence and how to apply it ethically in business!

In this episode we discuss all things influence, persuasion, effective communication and the power of voice!

  • Voice Marketing

The intersection of psychology, influence, and modern voice tech and how to leverage current behavioural and technological trends to enhance marketing strategy

  • Power of Verbal Communication

How to build effective verbal communication that can help you create a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships

  • Key Drivers of “Yes”

The persuasive approaches that make people most likely to say yes to requests and how to use them ethically and effectively

Tune in and learn more!

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We are so excited to announce that Pizza Hut India & Gaana won SMARTIES X award for Pizza Hut India Voice Ads campaign (India — Mobile Audio / Voice category)!

SMARTIES X is the world’s first marketing award recognizing innovation. It is the highest achievement across the globe honoring and awarding outstanding innovation resulting in significant business impact for brands, agencies, media companies and technology providers.

Learn more about the award here!

With Voice Ads listeners are given the opportunity to choose whether to engage with an ad or not. That is exactly why voice ads are considered less intrusive than an average banner ad.

They are also more effective. The average click-through rate for digital ads tends to hover between 1 and 3%. With interactive voice ads powered by Instreamatic, the corresponding metric — the say-through rate — can average at the rate of 12%, with some ads soaring to nearly 20%.

Read more here!

Instreamatic is partnering with personalization experts, A Million Ads, to run an exclusive Audio Innovation Forum

Audio Innovation Forum is all about the latest innovations in audio advertising and how to drive better engagement and results for brands and advertisers.

This online event will feature a range of case studies and brand new consumer research as well as vivid discussions on how a user-centric focus drives better engagement and results for brands and advertisers.


Looking for the best in the industry of creating smart, engaging, interactive, and dynamic audio ads, we partnered with Jim and Dan Price, founders of Oink Ink Radio and Price Brothers.

Simon Dunlop, CMO at Instreamatic says, “In approaching the creative for this innovative new audio advertising format, Price Brothers was able to quickly grasp its storytelling power and deliver outstanding ideas and production for us and really bring the format to life.”

Together Instreamatic and Price Brothers were able to develop ad campaigns that not only answered brands increasing interest in Voice Ads but also corresponded with the growing tendency in consumers' behavior to engage with devices via voice.

Read more here!

📑 According to the research conducted by PwC, to make advertising more enticing, consumers agree they would be open to listening to ads if:

  • Ads are personalized by comments/questions previously spoken — 73%
  • They can interact with the ad by speaking to it — 70%
  • They can say “skip” if they don’t like an ad — 88%

Guess what? Voice Ads tick all the boxes!

Not only do voice ads allow consumers to actively engage in a conversation with a brand, but they also allow brands to deliver more relevant content to consumers depending on the previous interactions. And if consumers don’t feel like speaking to an ad, they can just say “I’m not interested” and return to listening to audio content.

Read the research here!


The Voice AI Infrastructure for Media

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