I’m beyond excited to announce that Instreamatic has not only closed its Series A round but with a dream team investor pool.

Progress Ventures, one of the best VC firms investing in marketing and media, led the round.

Accomplice, a very successful VC with many great bets like AngelList, DraftKings, Skillz, and more

Google, needs no introduction :)

Other industry leaders such as MathCapital and Hawke Media invested again.

Read the announcement on TechCrunch

I’m not going to lie — the previous several years were tough and challenging. …

Consumers have grown to dismiss ads as annoying and irrelevant and not feeling any emotional engagement with what is being promoted. People are overwhelmed getting with too many repetitive ads. This created a new challenge of making an ad more “likeable”.

Read more on MarTechSeries to find out how do Voice-enabled Ads resolve this issue and help brands establish meaningful relationships with their customers and deliver ads that they can enjoy interacting with.

Looking forward to seeing you at our second Fireside Chat on Voice AI in Marketing! This time joining Instreamatic is Giles Martin is EVP, Client Strategy & Media Operations at Oxford Road, the leading performance audio agency that excels in delivering explosive growth to brands.

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Whether you are still wondering what Voice-enabled Ads are or how “conversational marketing” can be a game-changer for your company, the InFOCUS Podcast featuring Andy Whatley, SVP, Global Business Development & Partnerships at Instreamatic Inc., will answer all of your questions and more.

Find out how our cutting-edge technology works, how we bring targeted advertising to a whole new level and how, with Voice-enabled Ads, companies enhance engagement rates and revenue per ad unit.

2020 was the most challenging of years for all of us but it still brought Instreamatic some considerable achievements. Having signed partnerships in different parts of…

Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) (NASDAQ: UEIC), the global leader in universal control and sensing technologies for the smart home, is entering a development relationship with Instreamatic, the voice dialogue marketing platform powered by AI technology, to bring Instreamatic’s interactive voice-enabled advertising to home entertainment devices such as set-top boxes and smart TVs. Instreamatic’s flexible platform includes an ad exchange for publishers and advertisers to manage, measure and monetize their content with conversational ads, while also providing them an option to use their existing ad tech solutions.

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UEI is the leader in the growing global voice-enabled remote controls market with more…

Recent articles from Pandora and AdWeek highlight the success of the first phase of Voice Ad roll out on Pandora. In June 2020 Pandora launched Voice Ads on its platform using Instreamatics Voice Ad ai technology and has been scaling up the new format in the period since while analyzing the impact of voice ads on audience and advertisers. The results are overwhelming positive and herald in a new era for brand marketing.

As we see clicking, tapping, and swiping replaced by speech — the most natural way for us to communicate and one where technology adapts to human behaviour…

Next week is the Voice Tech Innovation Week.

It’s one of the biggest online events covering all things voice.

This event is a great way to learn about recent developments across various voice tech implementations including healthcare, in-car assistants, voice apps, and of course voice marketing.

The Voice Marketing panel starts at 10am PST / 1Opm ET on Wednesday, February 3.

See you there!

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Voicebot.ai published Voice AIpredictions for 2021 from top 50 industry leaders including Stas Tushinskiy, CEO Instreamatic.



Our friends at Creative Agency RAIN published the 2021 Voice Report.

The report presents 9 major trends in voice to watch in 2021. Voice Advertising is #1.

We can only confirm that voice-enabled advertising is one of the top trends not only in the voice space but also in the advertising market.

More media companies are integrating and enabling Voice Ads by Instreamatic, which means that the industry will have a lot more scale.

More brands and ad agencies are testing the technology and returning for more campaigns, which is great for publishers and ad tech providers.

See the report

When given the choice, consumers may want to actually talk to your brand, rather than simply see them or hear from them. A new research study with Instreamatic, Pandora, TuneIn, MFour Mobile Research, and Mindshare USA shows the strength of voice-enabled advertising to reach consumers.

In the study, voice-enabled ads, both short-form and long-form, scored higher with participants across metrics such as consumer persuasion and brand recall versus other ad formats including display banner ads, video ads, and audio ads with banners. The results support other scientific research that two-way dialogues are more memorable than single stimuli. [1]

When looking…


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