Adweek: Infiniti Cars Case Study featuring Voice Ads by Instreamatic

1 min readNov 19, 2019

Instreamatic’s AI-powered platform allows brands to have ongoing conversations with consumers across audio publishers — enabling fresh ad content to be tailored to the full history of each listener’s past engagements and responses.

Users (i.e. audio content listeners) can now control their ad experience and engage with ads that are interesting while skipping irrelevant ads. Brands can build a more valuable relationship with each consumer and increase the efficiency and efficacy of their marketing efforts.

Our recent continuous dialogue ad campaign for Infiniti Cars delivered truly amazing results.

From the story published in Adweek:

“Overall, 19% of total listeners engaged in a dialogue with the brand. Nearly half — 45% — of that audience also engaged with the campaign when presented with a second conversation. And, whenever a listener expressed their disinterest in an ad, their audio content experience immediately resumed, preserving goodwill for brand advertisers.”

“As a result of this individualized continuing dialogue, 5.5% of listeners who declined the offer in the first conversation asked to receive more information about the vehicle after the second (and more personalized) dialogue was delivered.”

Read the full case study here.

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