Food Delivery Company Uses Market Instinct to Automate Call Center Transcript Analysis and Gather Business Insights

3 min readOct 24, 2022



Before Market Instinct, a food delivery company manually analyzed all call center transcripts. Upon examining the data from the call centers, the company couldn’t gather more information than key topics and sentiment analysis. This process failed to provide the company with an understanding of how key topics and sentiments correlated with existing business data, or an opportunity to translate the data into actionable business insights.

The food delivery company employed Market Instinct to analyze 5,878 reviews gathered over a three-month period. Market Instinct identified key issues and how they changed over time, defined the relationship between service issues and other business metrics, and suggested relevant solutions.

Correlation and causation

Market Instinct detected that the number of calls to the call centers changed weekly during a month with an average increase of around 15%. As such, the first and the last weeks of the month were the busiest.

This trend could be attributed to a range of factors. For example, most employees receive their salaries at the beginning and end of the month. This factor forces the employees to work more productively during this time.

After the team received this data and analyzed this trend in-depth, the company implemented specific changes to optimize the work of the support department and the work hours of its employees.

What happened in September?

The technology automatically detects when something goes wrong and encourages the team to pay closer attention to a disturbing trend. The analysis of the reviews gathered over a three-month period showed not only a 7% increase in the overall number of reviews in September but also a staggering 326% increase in the number of refund requests.

Having noticed this trend, the food delivery company’s team analyzed other business metrics and identified that the rapid growth of refund requests in September was caused by an increased number of orders and an insufficient number of delivery workers. This insight helped the company decrease the number of refund requests by 45% and customer churn rates by 15%.

Continuous issues

Market Instinct also revealed that the customers mainly experienced the same issues over the three-month period. 11% of the complaints were delivery-related and 10% were about the quality of Japanese cuisine, which provided valuable insight into the ways to increase customer retention.

The number of complaints about these particular topics remained unchanged in July and August but peaked in September.

“We were genuinely surprised with the results of the Market Instinct analysis. Not only did it demonstrate to us what areas of the business we should focus on but it also suggested what changes our team should implement to see the change. Using the technology resulted in an overall enhancement among various business metrics.”

Insights into growth opportunities

With Market Instinct automatically analyzing all the call center feedback, the food delivery company’s team could gather valuable insights, better understand customers’ pain points and identify growth opportunities.




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