How Speaky Strengthened Customer Relationships at this El Paso Restaurant

2 min readAug 16, 2022

The Edge of Texas Steakhouse & Saloon always relied on social media and review sites to hear from customers — until they found something even better.

Owner Lupe Acosta recently implemented Speaky, the audio message platform, to connect with customers more directly. Powered by AI technology, it allows customers to leave instant voice messages for brands.

The steakhouse quickly deployed Speaky across all marketing channels, from website links to QR codes in the restaurant. With a single keypress, customers could talk about their dining experience.

Here’s what the Speaky page looks like:

Speaky doesn’t just allow customers to share their thoughts in a quick, convenient way. Voice AI highlights actionable topics and sentiments as messages come in real time, drawing management’s attention to what matters.

According to Acosta, Speaky enabled Edge of Texas to “send our customers a clear message that their voices very much matter to us, and that their opinions and feelings have a lot to do with the decisions we make and the dining experience we aim to deliver.”

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