Instreamatic Wins 2022 Voice Technology Excellence Award — CUSTOMER Magazine

2 min readMay 31, 2022

TMC Digital Media’s CUSTOMER Magazine has recognized Instreamatic as a leader in voice technology.

The magazine awarded Instreamatic with the 2022 CUSTOMER Magazine Voice Technology Excellence Award for outstanding solutions with speech analytics, AI and more.

“On behalf of both TMC and CUSTOMER Magazine, it is my pleasure to honor Instreamatic with a Voice Technology Excellence Award,” TMC CEO Rich Tehrani said. “Its Instreamatic Voice Marketing Platform solution has proven deserving of this elite status and I look forward to continued innovation from Instreamatic in 2022 and beyond.”

Instreamatic’s Voice Marketing Platform enables interactive voice support across customer-brand touchpoints to deliver support and feedback with Speaky.

Speaky empowers customers to instantly communicate with a brand by clicking a link or scanning a QR code. Customers leave audio messages, which garner far more natural and heartfelt customer sentiment and insights than alternatives such as written feedback forms.

Speaky leverages voice AI to analyze customers’ voice feedback and provide the brand with a clear dashboard of voice transcripts and analytics.

“The stakes for getting customer experiences right have never been higher, and Instreamatic’s solutions forge deeper brand-customer interaction at every single touchpoint,” Instreamatic CEO Stas Tushinskiy said. “We’re proud of all our platform has accomplished, and to have it recognized with the 2022 CUSTOMER Magazine Voice Technology Excellence Award.”

CUSTOMER Magazine features the latest news for communications that engage customers and potential customers.

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