Mercedes: Continuous Voice Ads Generate Traffic and Drive Engagement

2 min readAug 11, 2021


The key to meaningful brand engagement is a direct, interactive connection — precisely what voice ads provide.

Some of the world’s biggest brands are already using voice ads technology to engage in a meaningful conversation with their consumers and run significantly more effective ad campaigns.

Using an AI-powered advertising platform created by Instreamatic, Mercedes ran a voice ad campaign to promote their GLE Coupe launch.

Mercedes engaged users in a spoken conversation with the brand.

The first ad offered listeners to experience the power of the new Mercedes GLE Coupe.

Those who responded positively were redirected to the landing page. Users who did not express any interest received a follow-on ad with a different target action (e.g., offering a test drive).

Each subsequent ad piece delivered to a consumer corresponded to a history of previous responses, thus building a continuous conversation between the brand and the consumer.

Goals of the campaign:

  • Reach the audience 30–40, potentially interested in buying a new car
  • Generate awareness of the new Mercedes GLE Coupe launch and drive traffic to the landing page
  • Create a deep engagement with the brand

By using AI to build a continuous dialogue between the brand and consumers based on each user’s previous responses, Mercedes delivered tailored ads with a more relevant target action which resulted in:

  • 9.81% — Engagement Rate
  • 39.08% of users expressing interest in learning more about the new car
  • 6.31% of users changing their response from ‘Not interested’ to ‘Interested’ when they heard the second ad.




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