Pedigree Case Study: Driving Interest and Engagement

2 min readAug 27, 2021


As part of the Mutual Loyalty Program campaign PEDIGREE reached out to music streaming listeners with two formats: Voice Advertising and Audio+ with a delayed companion banner.

Objectives of the campaign were the following:

  • To raise awareness of a social project aimed at the adoption of dogs from shelters
  • To draw the audience’s attention to the issue of homeless dogs, to dispel myths about them, and to support those who have decided to take a friend from a shelter with a set of care
  • To drive users to the website


  1. Dialogue ad informed listeners that true loyalty is the loyalty one can get from a pet from a shelter, and PEDIGREE will
    help bring an owner and a pet even closer by providing a Welcome Home care kit as a gift!
  2. The ad ended with a question about whether a listener wanted to know what was included in the gift set.
  3. Those who expressed their interest heard detailed information and were redirected to the landing page. In case of other answers the listener was briefly informed on how to learn more about support for pets from a shelter and returned to listening to the music.

Voice Ads campaign results:

  • 13,57% of users engaged in a conversation with Pedigree ads
  • 35.33% of the total number of voice responses indicating interest




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