Podcast Interview with Instreamatic CEO: Closing the Communication Gap Between Brands & Consumers

BrandCrudo Founder Jacqueline Lieberman hosted Instreamatic CEO Stas Tushinskiy on the Uncooked Podcast this week to discuss how brands can learn truth about their audience with voice.

The first step is opening a new line of communication with consumers. This is the goal for Speaky, the platform for instant voice communication, as well as interactive voice ads.

According to Tushinskiy, listeners often follow podcasters because they admire them or want to learn something from them—which builds trust. This same trust develops with brands when people use voice platforms like Speaky.

“When a consumer speaks with a brand, that allows them to establish a kind of relationship,” Tushinskiy said. “Voice tech makes brands more alive, which means it’s never too late to build a relationship — just like with a podcaster.”

Ultimately, Speaky helps brands cultivate a humanized experience for their consumers and to build stronger relationships with them.

“Sometimes, all customers want is to feel like they have a direct line to the brand—to be heard,” Lieberman said.“I see using a tool like Speaky as an easy way for brands to work on their empathy muscle with consumers.”

Listen to the full Uncooked podcast episode here.



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