Revolutionize Audio Advertising with Contextual Audio Ads: Targeting Users’ Contexts for Unmatched Engagement and ROI

2 min readMay 16, 2023


We’re thrilled to introduce Contextual Audio Ads: our new product that leverages Voice AI to optimize media buying with unlimited audio creatives that target a user’s context.

With this groundbreaking technology, you can automatically generate an unlimited number of audio ads to mention a user’s city, local offers, content type, app names, calendar-driven events, or any other parameter.

Unlike traditional audio ads, Contextual Audio Ads capture a listener’s attention by speaking directly to their context and needs in the moment.

This advanced level of personalization can skyrocket listener engagement, ROI, and meaningful customer connections for brands.

The entire process from creative production to ad ops setup is fully automated, saving a lot of the time and money it takes to launch a campaign.

Instead, sit back and let the technology do all the work.

Watch our demo video:

At Instreamatic, it’s our mission to help brands connect with their audiences and create a better, more personalized customer journey.

I believe that Contextual Audio Ads are the future of audio advertising. We’re creating the new norm: engaging users with unlimited differentiated creatives that can be updated daily.

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