Sephora Voice Ads Campaign: Talking to Customers and Driving Awareness

1 min readSep 29, 2021


Sephora, a multi-national chain of personal care and beauty products, is considered to be one of the top technological innovators.

Sephora’s commitment towards digital has set a perfect example for other brands looking to transform their business through technology, and to create and capture value. Sephora Assistant (an AI chatbot that allows users to book makeover appointments), Google Assistant and Beauty Board (a social media platform) are among many innovative solutions Sephora has created.

Instreamatic’s Voice Ads are one of the latest most creative formats Sephora implemented to increase brand awareness, drive conversions to Sephora website and engage in a meaningful dialogue with customers.

The Sephora Voice Ads campaign consisted of two concepts:

  1. Listeners were asked if they’d like to know why Sephora gifts would please everyone
  2. Listeners were asked if they would like to know how to become a super Santa

Listeners who expressed their interest received information about beauty gifts and holiday discounts. They were also sent to the Sephora website.

The results of the campaign:

  • Unique engagement rate: 14.88% of users engaged in a dialogue with the brand
  • 34.61% of responses indicated interest




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