The First Step to Building a Modern Customer-Centric Strategy

2 min readJul 27, 2022

The pandemic caused massive shifts in consumer behavior. To stay relevant, many brands are striving to improve their customer centricity, or ability to understand customers’ situations, perceptions and expectations.

According to Forbes, customer-centric brands create more meaningful experiences and build lasting customer relationships. Luckily, voice technology makes it easier than ever to learn about your customers.

Speaky invites customers to share thoughts about a brand via voice messages.

You might wonder, “What makes voice a better medium than, say, an online review or a survey?” Well, aside from voice being the fastest, easiest and most intuitive way to communicate, it also conveys the most truth and nuance.

Studies show that we reveal more details when we talk — happiness, frustration, disappointment, anger and even sarcasm. Only when brands truly understand how customers feel can they begin catering to them accordingly.

That’s why Speaky is such a superpower for brands. Not only does it capture what customers say—as in the actual message recordings or transcripts…

But it also reports a wealth of information about each message such as sentiment, location, popular topics, trends and more.

Every month, Speaky delivers insights that reveal:

  • Who a brand’s current customers are
  • Where they’re located
  • What they’re talking about
  • How they feel

For a brand looking to build a consumer-centric strategy, there’s no better way to understand a customer base than Speaky.

Learn more about Speaky here.




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