The New Age of Digital Marketing: Using Data to Increase Performance Beyond CRM

2 min readJan 5, 2023


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In a recent Forbes article, InfoCepts CEO Shashank Garg writes that businesses must invest in understanding customer data to improve CX.

Simply identifying customers and buying patterns is not enough, however. According to Garg, the typical CRM systems used to track these metrics have severe limitations: they don’t record the impact of emotive elements for example, like a customer’s irritation with long wait times.

CRM often fails to deliver findings that can impact performance. When Garg studied data more closely for a global media giant, he found specific viewer behaviors that altered future ad placements and targeting decisions.

These deeper insights helped the marketing department create superior targeted ad impressions and led to millions of dollars in revenue growth, he wrote in the article.

At Instreamatic, we know these deeper insights buried within data have the power to transform businesses. That’s why we created Market Instinct: an AI platform that not only reveals the market’s perception of a business— but also suggests ways to improve it.

Unlike CRM systems, Market Instinct’s advanced AI detects relevant topics to deliver clear findings that inform better business decisions. It even includes market thoughts about top competitors. Rather than vague charts and scores, companies can expect specific data-based recommendations on what to do differently to increase performance.

In today’s competitive market, CRM no longer offers the competitive advantage that companies need. Market Instinct goes beyond data analysis, delivering deep insights that drive business success.

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