Top Music Streaming App Receives Actionable Insights from Customer Feedback with New AI Tool “Market Instinct”

4 min readOct 5, 2022


One of the top music streaming apps needed a comprehensive solution that would allow it to stay on top of market trends, analyze customer feedback and learn how it correlates with other available business metrics. The team also wanted to understand how customer feedback varies between platforms (iOS or Android).

Before Market Instinct, they had been attempting to collect omni-channel customer feedback and analyze it manually by their data team.

They had previously gathered data from customer reviews, key topics and sentiment. What the team received with such an approach was a simple list of major topics filtered by keywords or a 1–5 scale rating and the reviews’ sentiment. This approach didn’t show the team how the most and least popular topics correlated with other business data, nor did it allow the team to understand what users say and feel about the app in comparison to competitors.

This naturally led them to Instreamatic.

Context behind numbers

The streaming service deployed Market Instinct, a market intelligence system, to identify opportunities for development and growth. The AI automatically highlighted areas of weakness and key issues for management to be aware of.

For example, the technology highlighted that among technical issues, there were complaints specifically about the rewind feature (35%), music stopping unexpectedly (28%) and the app crashing suddenly (23%).

This data enabled the team to focus on what matters most to app users.

They learned that the top technical issue is the rewind feature. More specifically, they learned that Android users faced problems tracking songs after downloading them. This revealed that the team doesn’t properly communicate to users that the rewinding capabilities work differently on the app’s free version.

Platform differences

Feedback analysis showed that customer reviews differed significantly depending on the platform (iOS or Android). As such, the company discovered that iOS users were less satisfied with the app than Android users: 55% negative reviews on iOS VS. 45% on Android.

The team also learned that iOS and Android users experienced different issues. For example, iOS users had trouble connecting the app to an Apple Watch while Android users complained that their selected preferences weren’t working properly.

“Market Instinct has proven to be a vital tool for understanding customer data. Not only did we learn how an iOS user’s experience differs from an Android user’s — we also learned how customers view our app versus competitors. It’s offered an edge like no other.”

Keeping a pulse on the competition

Competitive benchmarking allows businesses to track how users compare a business with competitors. It also allows companies to see how their customers compare them — negatively, positively, or neutral — to their competitors.

Deploying Market Instinct enabled the music streaming app to discover that 12.6% of their Android reviews and 18.7% of iOS reviews compared the app to other music streaming services.

This valuable information helped the management team better understand their customers and their competitors, ultimately suggesting required product developments and alterations.

For instance, understanding that the majority of Android users compared the app negatively to Competitor 1, the team dived into the key topics and sentiments within this segment. What they found was that users preferred Competitor 1's app design. Further competitor analysis helped the team implement relevant improvements to their UX and UI and, as a result, grow user satisfaction and decrease the number of negative comparisons to Competitor 1.

Same data, better insights

By analyzing large data sets, Instreamatic’s Market Instinct provided the app’s team with valuable insights which were then incorporated into the app’s development strategy. This helped the company gain a competitive advantage to grow and retain its customer base and, ultimately, revenue.

Market Instinct has proved to be an essential platform to drive product and business planning. The app decided to move forward with the product and use it to also analyze social media feedback and data from the support department.

Learn more about Market Instinct here.




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