Voice AI is Helping Hotels Collect More Honest Feedback

People love recounting their hotel horror stories to friends and family — whether it’s the receptionist’s attitude or a surprise bedbug infestation.

But people don’t usually tell the hotel the same story they’d tell a friend. Why?

A recent Hospitality Technology article writes that traditional feedback channels such as call centers, email surveys and comment cards make it harder to leave detailed anecdotes. Instead, hotel guests are forced to leave more formal, vague responses about their stay.

Without honest feedback, hotels can’t improve. That’s why AI-driven voice technology is helping customers leave feedback easier and faster with voice messages.

Why is Voice More Effective?

In our modern world, many devices and companies are adopting voice technology to better connect with their audiences. In fact, 13% of hoteliers plan to add voice-controlled devices to guest rooms.

Here are just a few ways that Voice AI trumps other typical channels:

  • Speaking is 3x faster than typing
  • Voice AI platforms like Speaky can be implemented across hundreds of touchpoints — QR codes, websites, social media & more
  • Voice AI can analyze messages in real-time for sentiments & other insights
  • Speaking reveals more honest and heartfelt thoughts

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