Why Speaky Delivers Voice Experiences without a Third-Party Platform

2 min readAug 31, 2022

It’s no secret that voice technology is exploding right now. In fact, 62% of Americans over age 18 use voice assistants, and the number grows every day.

But brands that engage with consumers via voice are addressing concerns about tracking and privacy, as even a brief voice recording can reveal data from ethnicity to education level.

Marketing Brew spoke with Instreamatic CEO Stas Tushinskiy about how voice marketing brands can be conscious of data privacy issues.

After clients told Tushinskiy that they wanted to own the data rather than depend on third-party platforms like Alexa, Instreamatic created Speaky — a voice AI platform where consumers can leave spoken feedback for brands.

“When people speak, they reveal a lot more, especially the emotional part of the story that they want to share,” Tushinskiy said, which can lead to richer first-party insights.

Speaky is a solution that works for customers and brands. Edge of Texas Steakhouse saw 45% engagement of customers who scanned a QR code and used Speaky to send a voice message — a higher level than the restaurant had experienced with any other customer research efforts.

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